maddy mallory photography
most people only pull out a camera when the sun shines and the flowers bloom. but it is on the cloudiest of days when I realize what beauty there is to share with the world.
Photo by Courtney Dueppengiesser

Photo by Courtney Dueppengiesser

born in sunny richmond but raised in the summer mountain breeze of north carolina, my photographic eye for all things lovely and mysterious has dilated into a crisp lens. my friends have learned not to wait for me on picturesque street corners, and I won’t let anyone else take their engagement photos. call me possessive, but I just love to know people, and I want to know you. taking your picture just might be the first step.

these days I wander milwaukee with the avett brothers in my ears & my next donut on my mind. when the day is done, you can find me sipping a new cocktail concoction & spending time with my pastor husband.

each new day is an adventure; join me in marveling.