st. louis family photography | missouri botanical gardens


OH FRIENDS. has there ever been a sweeter young family than jill, dylan, & eliza?! 

you may remember little e with her gorgeous locks in last fall's lafayette square park session (feel free to pop over for a refresher and ogle those autumn shades). I have had the privilege of walking through life a little longer & a little deeper with beautiful jill here, and I'd really like to stick around to photograph this trio in every stage of life. this shoot was to commemorate eliza's first wonderful year of life!

saturday morning greenery and fuschia flowers were in full majesty in the missouri botanical gardens, and even though it was early, kisses & snuggles came easily and aplenty. there were silly moments, tender moments, and so much love in the midst of it all. I look up to jill and her family as examples of everyday celebration, of consistent surrender to grace, & of parenting that truly delights.

and if you thought I was a morning person? jill awakes at five and runs a few miles. so there's that. (:

scroll away & smile with me!