a summer at camp merri-mac, black mountain, north carolina

you may be a camp person.

or you may be someone who knows camp people, doesn't really understand them, but can see the joy it brings to their lives.

I'm the former, and this summer I managed the photographic & social media branding of camps merri-mac & timberlake. 1123 montreat road is a place of indescribable beauty. girls sing at the tops of their lungs about seemingly nothing in particular, and boys greet each morning with a roaring yell. we ascend into the leafy foliage, jump off of docks, paint & climb & ride & strum & stretch & shoot & worship while we do it all. it's awesome.

here are some of my favorite images of the summer. I think that through them you can get just a taste of the friendship & adventure that breathes through every mountain, song, & smile of camp.

Maddy BratcherComment