university of virginia grad photography


a recent trip back to our beloved cville sparked all kinds of feelings, and as I've paged through these photos from my 2017 graduation season sessions, I've been filled with a special gratitude. gratitude for my wonderful education, absolutely, but also gratitude for this craft of photography! I hope that my grads' families have printed these photos for their living rooms (like my mom has! thanks brittany fan) and remember the hard work & joy that emanated through their 4-5 years on grounds.

recent grads & upcoming grads (you've got some time, I know!), I hope you enjoy this compilation. I loved the spots my grads chose, from balcony apartments to breezy creeks, and I feel a pang thinking that these hours of grad shoots may look very different next year in my new city. I'll miss the soft light on the rotunda steps, glimmering just for us early birds. the curves of the bricks, the green of the gingko. 

I'll be back, cville! & whoever wants to fly me around to take your senior photos, you just let me know (:

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