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as I sift through these photos a month later, I am transported from my breezy february kitchen to the land where rushing rainforest waterfalls poured around every bend. where I could not speak the language but could nevertheless play & laugh. where sugarcane is squeezed, melted, & molded into delicious cakes. where mornings were earlier than ever before, but where pastel sunrises & warm rice & beans made it worth it. where a broken guitar, a deck of cards, a disney-character-guessing game was entertainment enough.

where I climbed trees, rafted through freezing waters, and rappelled frightening heights. where I flipped tortillas, taught teenage boys to swing dance, tasted exotic fruits, & sleuthed for sloths. but most importantly, where I could experience a group of 17-year-olds all do the same, all the time growing in their friendships with each other & in their knowledge of the Lord as adventurous, bold, & faithful.

I may not have roosters crowing my alarm in the morning or any upcoming caving expeditions on my schedule, but I return to quotidian life more richly prepared to suck the sweetness out of every sturdy sugarcane. it may require some muscle, but the taste is pure.

& soon & very soon, this summer, I will embark on my dream job, caring for camp merri-mac's 17-year-olds as they learn to love & serve camp in a new way, while taking photos & instagramming the whole way. God is kind to show His Face to me as I continue to work for the best company around, doing life with kids in & out of the rainforest.

a little sunburnt, a lot happy.

a little sunburnt, a lot happy.

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