st. louis family photography | forest park


I'm so grateful to have sat beside allison at church & in Bible study and that she asked me to spend this afternoon with her & david in forest park! they hadn't had any photos of them taken since their wedding and wanted to commemorate this time in their lives before david graduates from seminary & they launch into next steps of ministry.

if you are in a similar boat of having been married for a number of years without new family photographs, I would encourage you to find a photographer and get some taken! you'll be grateful for the memories of this sweet season of your marriage, especially before kids or in a temporary apartment or city. I know that I'll make nick dress up with me for family photos way too often in our marriage (:

and even if you've been married for decades ~ what a perfect time to update those framed photographs in your home and send out a Christmas card of not just the kids.

and if you aren't married or looking for updated photos? think of someone who is. give them the gift of a family photo session this Christmas season!