st. louis engagement photography | trail of tears state forest


I was absolutely thrilled when madison reached out to me about shooting her engagement session with drew. madison & I were counselors to 15-year-old girls in cabins right alongside one another at camp merri-mac, and with the joyful couple living only a few hours away in memphis, it was such a treat to reunite & dream about this next season with her!

we all met about halfway between st. louis & memphis in this lovely green space called the trail of tears state forest. I don't usually suggest areas I've never visited before, but the fields & forests simply sparkled in the morning light, and the leaves were just beginning to turn. 

madison & drew love spending time together drinking coffee, trying new restaurants, & enjoying life together in tennesee after meeting at clemson. drew's soft smiles & sweet smolder (you'll see what I mean) were the perfect complement to madison's easy laugh. it was clear how they delighted in one another & felt a simple peace in their next season, culminating in what I am sure will be a stunning ceremony in the mountains of asheville, north carolina.