charlottesville lifestyle photography | beaver creek park

I have never truly adventured in the snow until this past weekend, and it filled me with such joy!

complete with four-wheel drive & bellies full of bellaire sandwiches & cheerwine, my adventuring pals & I departed for a cville gem, beaver creek. we were met with blinding white snow and the rings of giggles arising from toddler sledders in the valleys.

the snow, though : to touch what has been untouched feels powerful in a sweet, gentle kind of way. as if it was entrusted to us, but only under the conditions that we enjoy it & throw a snowball or two. so I followed 2 of my favorite women across the white canvas. the snow was so high it tipped into the tops of my boots and froze my toes. how can the snow be simultaneously so bright & so cold?

this is what winter looks like, friends.

& what does it sound like? lord huron, mixed with a sweet crackle of bold tires over rigid snow.

Maddy BratcherComment