mischief managed

my beautiful family took me to disney world & harry potter world for my birthday this past week. I have never seen such care & craft put into these places. growing up on harry potter & having hermione granger as a role model (to the point we named our dog after her ... ), I was almost brought to tears walking into hogsmeade. that may sound stupid & maudlin, but it was truly a lovely & carefree place to spend the birthday in which I left behind my teenage years.

these past 2 decades have been full of laughs & tears. I have grown so much more self-aware, & with that comes a vulnerability that endorses honesty but can breed a slippery slope of insecurity & indecision. thankfully, the Lord's mercies are new every morning, & in Him I can rest in steadfast hope & identity. I thank those who know me best for forgiving me always, loving me unconditionally, & for showing me Christ's Love, Grace, & Mercy.

& now for the pics. there are many. it was too pretty.