twentyfifteen : faces & spaces.

I took so many photos this year. it made me a little dizzy scrolling through all of them to pick my favorites. but a good dizzy. the best dizzy.

& these are my favorites.

some, because of the people in them. the faces. this year brought incredible growth in relationships. acquaintances deepened into friendships through transatlantic plane rides & newfound sisterhood & afternoons spent wandering mountain towns. the Mystery of Love surprised me with midnight drives & spotify playlists & mandolin strumming. how my fortune so grew, I will never understand but always lift up in gratitude.

some, because of the land stood upon. the spaces. charlottesville, richmond, the blue ridge mountains ~ these have been dear to my heart for years now, but the fondness is ever growing. & then there's vienna, cambridge, florida beaches ~ who knows when I will return, but the sweetness of the memories gained here dwells in photographic form for now. I can't wait to step upon the new lands of twentysixteen.

& lastly, some because of the privilege it was to take them. I get to use a camera, a simple mirrored apparatus, to send along some Joy from another's life. balloons & sunflowers & sparklers & a big splash mark celebrations, new beginnings, and promises of forever.

as you might scroll below, remember the captured moments of your year & look ahead to the triumphant Melody to be found in the new year.

so what does twentysixteen hold? 

my hope? more songs, more happy tears, more snuggles. more harry potter, more breakfast food, more putting the phone away. more & more till the cup overflows (as if it wasn't already).

I just wanna have fun & wear chacs 'n' socks from sunrise to sundown. let's adventure through a world resplendent with Sun together.

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