light & shadow

season 3 is on its winter break, and this gives me time to reflect in the comfort of my warm home upon a semester of light & shadow. 

most of the time I am drawn to color - to the nuances of reds & blues & all of the inbetweens that can be tweaked with such a trick of the light. a narrowing or widening of the eyes or lens results in such slight change, but a change that shifts mood & feeling.

but as I grow into photography & the art of seeing, I find that black & white can expose the true nature of things. these are just a few of the people that I love, dancing around a cold lawn, waving fire & celebrating their friendship. in these moments, I don't see the murky in-between; I see hearts molded for Joy, destined for Glory.

the nature of things is Love. He made Light, and it was good. 

it is still good, friends. prepare the way for the great Gift these coming days. begin & never cease.

Maddy BratcherComment